Corporate Massage Therapy

So what is Workplace Massage?

Workplace chair massage is when a Registered Massage Therapist will provide therapeutic seated massage in a specialized chair at the workplace, without the employees even having to leave the office.

Why should employers and employees provide this service, what the benefits?

It has been proven by studies that employees work related stress accumulates for a high 62% of peoples overall stress in Canada. Statistics Canada study in 2015. 

Employers who invest in an employee preventative health plan like chair massage, help to reduce work related repetitive strain injuries, reduce sick days due to stress and chronic headaches as well as add positive energy and moral at the office.


Why choose me?

Corporate chair massage is one of my specialty favorite's and  talents, which I have developed professional skills over the past three years. With over 2000 hours of experience with chair massage treatments Jesse's RMT Clinical Massage is truly a client satisfactory. It's a must try experience. 

All employees concerns will be addressed by:

  • Assessing their posture work related issues and targeting the specific need.
  • Relieving their pain, discomfort and stress, to help provide a more refreshed employee.
  • I'll provide essential educational tip for proper ergonomics, for seated desk related work, which help with longevity.
  • Share useful home care exercises recommendation related to specific needs.
  • Provide professional and reliable service which has client satisfactory.


   For further details please contact me and I would be happy to assist you. Contact Us